SecurePay terms and conditions

Secure By signing the SecurePay@Clyde’s application you agree to the following Terms and Conditions:

I hereby authorize Coastal Area Stores, Inc. (DBA Clyde’s Market and Rusty Pig) or its designee, successor or assign to withdraw amounts owed by me under this agreement by initiating debit entries to my account at the financial institution indicated in this agreement. I certify that I am an authorized owner/signer on this account.

TheCard@Clydes is not a credit card. It is an ACH Debit Card issued by Clyde’s Market. By using TheCard@Clydes and Personal Identification Number (PIN) to make a purchase at Clyde’s Market, you authorize Clyde’s Market to electronically transfer funds out of your checking account (defined below). This transfer may occur instantaneously or it may be delayed up to the time it normally takes for a check to clear.

If your checking account information changes, you agree to update the information by going online or by calling the customer service number on the back of TheCard@Clyde’s. If the checking account is closed, you agree to notify Clyde’s Market immediately by calling, and you agree not to use TheCard@Clyde’s for SecurePay transactions.

You agree to give us any updated information we may request from time to time.

If approved, you will set up your own 4 digit Personal Identification Number (PIN), which is necessary to use TheCard@Clyde’s as a debit card.

You agree that the use of the PIN and the required physical presentation of TheCard@Clyde’s is a commercially reasonable security procedure for verifying the authenticity of a funds transfer request issued in the name of the cardholder.

You are responsible for protecting the PIN and TheCard@Clyde’s. Do not disclose your PIN to anyone, not even an employee of Clyde’s Market. If you write or record your PIN, be sure to keep it in a safe place.


If your card and PIN are used, you will be responsible for the charges.

Items returned for non-sufficient and/or uncollected funds will be represented for payment at the discretion Clyde’s Market or its designee.

I also acknowledge that an additional charge which shall be equal to the state allowable charge for a returned check ( for each attempt returned non-sufficient and/or uncollected funds which will be initiated as a separate transaction may be presented electronically or by demand draft against the authorized account.

I understand that this agreement will remain in full force and effect until I notify Coastal Area Stores, Inc. that I wish to revoke this authorization, or until the TheCard@Clyde’s Program is terminated. The Customer understands that Coastal Area Stores, Inc. requires at least 10 days prior notice in order to cancel this authorization.

SecurePay@Clydes is valid for purchases of fuel or merchandise.

SecurePay@Clyde’s entitles the cardholder to the fuel discount posted for TheCard@Clyde’s. The discount is calculated by subtracting the posted price for TheCard@Clyde’s from the posted price for regular unleaded. The calculated discount amount is cents per gallon, and the calculated discount is applied to the first 15 gallons.

SecurePay@Clyde’s works like an electronic check, and is therefore subject to the check writing policies of Clyde’s Market.

Single Day Velocity Limits (applies across all Clyde’s Market locations)

  • Checking account is limited to 3 transactions

  • Checking account is limited to $200

  • Cash back is not allowed

  • Single transaction limit is $150

Window Period Velocity Limits (applies across all Clyde’s Market locations)

  • 5 days in the window period

  • Checking account is limited to 6 transactions during window period

  • Checking account is limited to $400 during window period

  • Cash back is not allowed

  • Single transaction limit is $150


Clyde’s Market reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions and/or suspend the TheCard@Clyde’s Program. In the event of such modification and/or suspension, Clyde’s Market will notify its cardholders via email or postal mailing, as well as communicate this on our website. Customers will not receive any compensation from Clyde’s Market in the event of modification or suspension of the TheCard@Clyde’s Program. 

Customers who require Clyde’s Market to delete the Customer's data from TheCard@Clyde’s database will forthwith lose any and all loyalty points accumulated by the Customer in that database and/or linked to his or her card, and such Customer must surrender his or her card forthwith upon the deletion of customer's data from TheCard@Clyde’s database.

Clyde’s Market reserves the right to: 
(a) permanently disable or suspend the SecurePay@Clydes Program and/or TheCard@Clyde’s, in the event of fraud or attempted fraud by the Customer at any Clyde’s Market location and/or or by the member's inappropriate use of TheCard@Clyde’s,

(b) permanently disable or suspend the SecurePay@Clyde’s Program and/or TheCard@Clyde’s in the event of an item returned for non-sufficient or uncollectable funds,

(c) refuse the SecurePay@Clyde’s application due to incomplete data or the inability to validate the applicants information, and 
(b) terminate the SecurePay@Clyde’s and TheCard@Clyde’s Program for any reason whatsoever by informing members via email/mail as well as on our website.

Clyde’s Market shall not be liable for any system malfunction, system failure or disruption in access to the SecurePay@Clyde’s Program or TheCard@Clyde’s, or any consequences, direct or indirect, arising from the same.

Clyde’s Market may at appropriate time and at its sole discretion revise these Terms & Conditions of use at any time by amending this page. Members are therefore advised to check this page from time to time to take notice of any changes. Members understand and agree that any use of the SecurePay@Clyde’s Program after the date on which the Terms & Conditions have changed are subject to the amended Terms & Conditions. 

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This document was last updated on 19th June 2014.