1. Clyde’s Market collects data from and about its Customers who join its TheCard@Clyde’s Program only for the following purposes:
(a) to keep track of member's purchase records;
(b) to allocate points according to member's purchase records;
(c) to up-date members about Clyde’s Market’s sales programs (eg. promotions, news, brand offerings etc) through which members may earn savings;
(d) to up-date our profiling of member's preferences so that we may tailor our products and services to serve customers/members better;

2. Clyde’s Market may from time to time, share such data collected with related companies. In this context, Clyde’s Market may share such data for the purposes mentioned in clause 1 above but only to the Recipients. The recipients of the Data (hereafter and above “the Recipients”) can be:
(a) Clyde’s Market’s employees, and
(b) Clyde’s Market’s providers who need to have access to the Data in order to execute their obligations and deliver their services.

3. Clyde’s Market does not guarantee the accuracy of data collected by Clyde’s Market from its Customers. Customers who wish to scrutinize or amend data relating to him or her, may do so at

4. Subject to clause 5 below, Clyde’s Market will not disclose Customers' personal or payment data to any third party, 

However, if a person is no longer a member of the Rewards@Clyde’s Program for any reason whatsoever, Clyde’s Market may delete the Customer's data from the database.

5. Clyde’s Market shall be entitled to disclose customers/members' data to only the following:
(a) Clyde’s Market’s solicitors for purposes of legal advice, settlement of dispute or litigation to protect Clyde’s Market’s interest;
(b) Clyde’s Market’s affiliate or subcontractors that managed TheCard@Clyde’s Program;
(c) Persons involved in collecting a debt owed by that customer/member to Clyde’s Market;
(d) Persons identified in a Court subpoena in compliance with any Court subpoena;
(e) Any government institution who has made a lawful request for such data; or,
(f) Where such disclosure is required by law.

7. Clyde’s Market reserves the right to delete completely specific Customers' data from TheCard@Clyde’s database in the event that the said Customers' membership in TheCard@Clyde’s Program is terminated. Clyde’s Market reserves the right to delete all Customers' data in its database in the event that TheCard@Clyde’s Program is terminated for any reason whatsoever.