This is the story of a man with a dream: Clyde Woolard, founder and president of Clyde's Market

In 1969 Clyde Woolard was living in Folkston, GA and working for his brother-in-law Carl Jones. Jones is the founder and owner of Flash Foods. Clyde was managing one of his stores.

Clyde decided he was ready to strike out on his own so he drove up Hwy 301, heading north. He was looking for a town he liked that also happened to need a convenience store. Since Hwy 301 was one of the main thoroughfares for folks driving north to south, before Interstate 95 was completed, Clyde thought a town along that route would be the perfect place to locate a store. He found that spot in Glennville, GA and built his first Clyde's Market convenience store in that town.

Clyde's Glennville convenience store proved to be a success so he decided to expand to a nearby town. He built his second Clyde's Market convenience store in Reidsville, GA in 1974.

When Clyde built the Reidsville store, he included a deli. However within a few years, Clyde decided to close the deli and add a self-service gasoline island to the store. That decision proved to be a momentous one for the company. The Reidsville store had the only self-service gasoline island for miles. Clyde never built another convenience store without a self-service gasoline island. This was the beginning of a whole new era in the convenience store industry. Though many doubted self-service gasoline would ever be a success, Clyde's Market proved them wrong.

In the decades that followed, Clyde's Market continued to a steady pace. There are now 43 Clyde's Market convenience stores throughout Southeast Georgia.

In the mid 80s, Clyde purchased an oil company, this was followed by the purchase of a second oil company in 2003. The combined companies was named Woodland Oil with headquarters in Vidalia, GA Woodland Oil reaches a volume in excess of 35,000,000 gallons of petroleum products per year.

In 2009 a new dimension was added when the company decided to open a ‘sit-down' bar-b-q restaurant in Glennville. The restaurant was named The Rusty Pig. It has proven to be a success, attracting customers from surrounding areas for lunch and dinner. A second Rusty Pig Bar-B-Q restaurant was opened in 2011 in Rincon, GA. Both locations have enjoyed a huge and enthusiastic following.