Our Companies

In the mid 80’s, Clyde purchased an oil company, this was followed by the purchase of a second oil company in 2003. The combined companies were named Woodland Oil with headquarters in Vidalia, GA.

In 2009 Clyde entered the restaurant business with the establishment of The Rusty Pig BBQ restaurant in Glennville. A second Rusty Pig restaurant was opened in 2011 in Rincon, GA.

On January 1, 2015, our company acquired a franchise for Baldino’s Giant Jersey Subs. Clyde’s Market has established a mission to partner with quality fresh food organizations, and Baldino’s Giant Jersey Subs strengthens our position in the fresh food market place.

Woodland Oil


Woodland Oil was formed in the winter of 2003 following a merger between Tattnall Oil and Brilad Oil Company. The name was chosen because it didn't tie the company to a particular geographical area. The home office of Woodland Oil is in Vidalia, GA. and serves 15 surrounding companies. Woodland Oil moves over 35,000,000 gallons of petroleum products annually. It also has a very productive lube oil business.

The Rusty Pig BBQ Restaurant


The idea of establishing a barbeque restaurant was developed because Clyde's Market wanted to enter the food service industry. The company decided to call their new entity The Rusty Pig BBQ Restaurant. We spent over a year researching barbeque restaurants throughout Georgia to determine what attracted a customer to a particular facility.

The conclusion reached was that while the barbeque itself was important, almost everyone interviewed mentioned a favorite side dish as well. This led to the decision that all Rusty Pig side dishes were to be made from scratch. The goal: to make the food as good as or even better than home and, to insure that the quality remains high and the portions generous.

This formula has been highly successful as proven by the popularity of the three Rusty Pig BBQ restaurants located in Glennville, Rincon, and Hinesville, GA. The attentive and talented staff of each restaurant has contributed to the Rusty Pig BBQ Restaurants being known as the BEST BBQ RESTAURANTS KNOWN TO MAN.

Baldino’s Giant Jersey Subs


Our mission in foodservice is to provide the customer with a high quality, fresh product at a fair price with larger than expected portions. Baldino’s Giant Jersey Subs creates an amazing sandwich that is made with the highest quality ingredients. We are able to offer this product at a surprisingly competitive price. We have been blessed to find this opportunity with Baldino’s Giant Jersey Subs, and we are looking toward to continued expansion of this business unit. We challenge you to find a better sub!